About Us

Whether it is supplying quality surfacing products, or a reliable crew to maintain your highways, Jackson Hole is able to do it all.

Founded back in 1976, Jackson Hole Senior built up a reputation as the name in quality and reliable road repairs.

Initially a small enterprise, the business quickly grew and Jackson began to offer more and more in terms of services.

Today, the business has passed to his son, Jackson Hole Junior and although many things have changed, the family commitment to quality has not been one of them!

We can put together the dream team for your highway construction and repair projects and we can create the strongest, most resilient products for your paving needs.

In short, we can do it all and better still, we do it with a friendly ear.

We are always on hand to offer advice to our customers – both homeowners or municipalities. We are happy to explain anything that you don’t understand and to talk you through the processes on offer for your project.

We put the same care and attention into small jobs and for our residential clients, as we do with our interstate projects.

Our equipment is always the newest and most reliable.

And we commit to helping minimize any disruption to the flow of traffic, whilst a job is in progress. We can work nights and devise ways to keep the roads open, scheduling work to be completed in phases.

We combine a traditional approach, consistency and quality, with the latest techniques and technology.

We will do everything in our power to make the whole job as easy as possible for you, your clients, your family and the general public.

Better still, we can mix and make the right product for your project’s needs, here on site!

And not every asphalt contractor can say that!