Small change, big differences.

Here are three modest alterations to your business premises which will completely transform your image – and none of them will cost you a fortune.


It all starts in the parking lot to your business. Your image begins long before your clients walk through your company doors – they have to get there first!

But if their first impression of your business has been a cracked and dirty parking lot, they might not even make it into your premises in the first place.

So, our first tip is to refresh your business’s parking lot.

This is not something which requires a huge budget and it will instantly smarten up the overall image you are putting out to the general public.


Simply sweeping your parking lot, regularly, might be all it takes to make the place appear cleaner and tidier.

Any reputable street cleaning service can perform this task for you, as can most asphalt contractors.

Not only does this make your lot cleaner, but it helps prevent damage caused by debris blowing into the asphalt.

It will also help you identify any problems much quicker!


Another inexpensive refresh to your parking lot is to re paint it.

Ensuring all the line striping is fresh and new looking, instantly reboots your tired parking lot.

Keeping the signage up to date and in good condition adds to the overall tidy impression, crucial to the front of any business.



If you have cracks and potholes, they should be filled swiftly.

Catch them early and they won’t grow into a bigger problem.

Not only do cracks and potholes look unsightly and send out the wrong message for any business, but they also represent a danger.

Do you really want to risk damaging your staff or customers’ vehicles, when they are parked on your property?

Additionally, there is the trip hazard aspect of potholes. Don’t wait for an accident to happen – maintain your parking lot’s condition properly!


Even if there are no issues with your parking lot’s structure, sealcoating it can help guard against them from developing.

And it refreshes your blacktop beautifully, making it sparkle like new.


Consider minor repairs to the outside of your premises.

Just small changes, like a lick of paint to any exteriors which could use a refresher, can make a big overall visual difference.

Replacing any roof slates, tidying up the landscaping and smartening up the entrance, are all great ways of ringing the changes to your business’s image.

Follow these three simple rules and see the difference to your business for yourself!